Mon Aug 29, 2011

Egyptian people have gathered in front of the Saudi embassy in the capital city of Cairo to protest Riyadh’s interference in their country’s internal affairs.

Protesters on Sunday held placards and banners against what they called Saudi Arabia’s interference in Egypt, reports said.

The demonstrators proclaimed that Egypt is an independent state, calling on Persian Gulf kingdom to stop its “meddling.”

People also condemned what they called mistreatment of Egyptian workers in Saudi Arabia and slammed Riyadh over its role in developments in Yemen and Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia has deployed hundreds of troops in Bahrain to help crackdown of anti-regime protesters in Manama and other cities.

Meanwhile, thousands of Egyptians once again staged a massive protest outside the Israeli embassy in Cairo.

Protesters demanded the termination of all ties with Tel Aviv and repeated calls for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.

Source: PressTV.