by Ammaar ibn Walid
The Star Trail Lines Writer

The 6th of August 2010, Friday
The 26th of Sha’ban 1431

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful…

On the 2nd of August 2010, Monday a Grad Missile from outside of Jordan landed in Aqaba, which is the only sea port in Jordan. The result was six injuries, with one of those injured becoming a martyr. The martyr had serious injuries and so he is at peace with Allah now insha’ Allah. The Zionist police claimed that the missile was from Sinai, which is the peninsula that is part of Egypt. At first a senior Egyptian official denied it being from Sinai. The Jordanian Authorities are still investigating into the matter. In my opinion, I accuse three sides of the terrorist attack on Aqaba.

The three sides are: The Zionists of Occupied Palestine, the Egyptian Government and the U.S., whether it is government or intelligence or both. Some time after the Egyptian official denied it being from Sinai, the Egyptians changed their position and mentioned that it was from Sinai. They also falsely accused some Palestinian faction from Gaza of it. At first they denied it was from Sinai, and some time afterward they not only “confirmed” it from Sinai, but also unjustly accused a side that is innocent of it. There is obvious contradiction from the Egyptian side, and why is that?

Is there the possibility that the Egyptian Government was pressured to change their story? If so, who pressured them? In my opinion the Egyptian Government was most likely pressured to change their story. As for who pressured them, it was obviously the U.S. and the Zionists without doubt. When Egypt denied it was from Sinai at first, they also mentioned strong security presence along the border with Gaza and occupied Palestine. All of a sudden there was no mention of the strong security presence afterward, as if it has vanished into thin air. The missile attack on Aqaba was the second missile attack on it.

There were injuries from the attack on Aqaba, yet the deceiving attack on a port in occupied Palestine had no injuries. In my view, that is a little bit suspicious. The Palestinian Authority and the U.N. both condemned the attack on Aqaba, but the U.S. mentioned that it was a “regrettable act”! What kind of a response is that?! Shouldn’t it have been more liked “terrorist act”? Is that evidence of guilt? Or of U.S. involvement in the attack against one of its allies in the Middle East? The timing of such an attack should be noticed and observed as well. Just a few months before the Zionists committed an act of piracy.

It was an act of piracy in International Waters where the Zionists martyred nine Turkish activists in cold blood. It was a time when the Palestinians of Gaza had sympathy from peoples of different nations. It also put the spotlight on Gaza and the illegal blockade on it. It rightfully put the Zionists in hot water. There was no condemnation of the attack on Aqaba from the Zionists, and just a day afterward the Zionists unjustly went after some trees on Lebanese land, which sparked a skirmish between the Zionist and Lebanese armies. It was the first time the Lebanese army had a fight with the Zionists.

It is important to mention that Hizbullah stayed out of the skirmish. The Zionist Prime Minister unjustly and falsely accused the Palestinian Government of the attack on Aqaba, with the Palestinian Government being Hamas in Gaza. That is illogical. It wouldn’t be in Hamas’ interest to do such a thing. That’s one thing. Another thing is that moving missiles from Gaza into Sinai wouldn’t be an easy job. The Egyptian security forces would soon discover such weapons and confiscate them.

If the Egyptian security forces had a strong presence on the border, there wouldn’t have been any chance or possibility for any Palestinian faction to do such an act without being discovered. It is obvious that the Egyptian Government cooperated with the Zionists and the U.S. in attacking Aqaba. The Egyptian security forces let the Zionists in easily with their weapons. As such, the Egyptian Government is responsible as much as the Zionists are. Such attacks on Aqaba not only show the vulnerability of the sea port, but it also shows that the Zionists idea of a Greater Israel hasn’t vanished.

A Greater Israel that would consume Jordan. I have learned that there are some Jordanian journalists who falsely suggested a group related to al-Qaeda was behind it. There is no such evidence of that for one thing. For another thing that is illogical. The Zionists have the most interest in doing such an attack on Jordan, however covertly it might be. The Zionists have time and time again tried to provoke Jordan into a war against it. Such attacks on Jordanian territory is strong provocation.

The Zionist Prime Minister falsely accusing Hamas is like saying that the assassination attempt on the Iranian President succeeded. The Zionists mention “provocations” against it, like flotillas and ships trying to break the naval blockade on Gaza, yet what about the numerous Zionist provocations against Jordan, whether it involves al-Quds (East Jerusalem) and al-Aqsa or other stuff? It is interesting that the Zionists are going after trees near the Lebanese border, especially a day after their terrorist attack on Aqaba. Afterward the Zionist Air Force increased its illusionary “raids” on South Lebanon.

First it was at medium altitudes and then at a wider larger scale at lower altitudes. There were more wide targets the Zionist Air Force raided illusionary in South Lebanon. It seems to me that the Zionists are getting impatient about there being no war, especially since their terrorist atrocities against Gaza almost two years ago. The main target of the terrorist attack was Aqaba. The attack on the sea port on occupied Palestine was just a diversion, just to unjustly accuse those innocent of it. It’s kind of silly that the Zionists of Occupied Palestine attacked one of their sea ports to turn attention away from them.

Accusing the Egyptian Government is a strong accusation and some might say it would divide the Arabs because of it. What I say is that the Egyptian Government is already dividing the Arabs and it deserves to be accused of it without any hesitation. I would request that those from the Jordanian side investigating it to make bold announcements, and to have bright and open minds. I also request that they shrug off any pressure to change or manipulate the truth behind the attack. There is propaganda and falsehood that the Egyptians announce and mention to some media sources.

I would request the Jordanian media and news to ignore such propaganda and falsehood. Last, but not least, I would request the Jordanian Leadership and Government to forge closer ties with Hamas to have better relations and better intelligence.

Source: The Star Trail Lines.