Tue Sep 6, 2011

Libyan fighters and tribal leaders in the besieged town of Bani Walid agree to a peaceful takeover of the town, a report says.

Reports coming out of Libya indicate that tribal elders in the town of Bin Walid have been persuading ex-regime forces to end the fighting amid fresh signs of retreat by the Gaddafi loyalists.

However, other reports suggest more resistance from pro-Gaddafi men as Gaddafi regime spokesman Moussa Ibrahim has claimed that the fugitive leader will continue fighting.

Gaddafi is “in excellent health, planning and organizing for the defense of Libya,” the Associated Press quoted Ibrahim as telling Syrian television on Tuesday.

“We are fighting and resisting for the sake of Libya and all Arabs,” Ibrahim noted. “We are still strong and capable of turning the tables on NATO,” he went on to say.

This is while thousands of Libyan fighters have closed in on the besieged town, waiting for orders from their commanders to launch fresh assaults on Gaddafi’s last stronghold.

The fighters have built a field hospital near Bani Walid and installed 10 volunteer doctors prepared to treat injured fighters in the event of a battle with forces still loyal to the former regime in the town.

Revolutionary forces control most of the oil-rich North African nation, except for some central and southern areas, including Bani Walid and Gaddafi’s birthplace of Sirt.

Source: PressTV.
Link: http://www.presstv.com/detail/197675.html.