Sep 30, 2011

New York – The African Union mission in Somalia was Friday authorized to increase its military strength to 12,000 troops.

The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution raising the troops ceiling and extended the presence of the UN Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) until October 2012.

The resolution allowed AMISOM to take ‘all necessary measures’ to carry out its mandate in the Horn of African country, which has been hit by severe drought and famine, and an insurgency that has prevented the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Widespread insecurity and piracy are the other constant challenges of the transitional government in Somalia.

The resolution also called on the government in Mogadishu to abide by the terms and carry out the keys tasks in the political roadmap in the coming 12 months. The transitional period is shifting to an elected government, which is to assume political responsibilities by next year.

Source: Monsters and Critics.