RIYADH – Saudi Arabia will launch its first TV channel dedicated to women in early 2014 and owners said it would be run only by female employees.

The “foundation stone” for the privately-owned channel will be laid in the western Red Sea port of Jeddah by Saudi Minister of Information Abdul Aziz Al Khaja and Riyaz bin Kamal, president of the General Authority to regulate the audio-visual media.

Abdullah Al-Nazawi, the board chairman said this female-dominated TV satellite channel would project the positive aspects of women’s lives in the Kingdom and would also help in changing the stereotype attributed to Arab and Muslim women.

“The objective of the channel is to highlight the skills, traditions, culture, education, Islamic thought and problems facing Arab women in general and Saudi women in particular. The channel will fully conform to Islamic law and will help raise awareness levels among women,” he said.

Al-Nazawi said it would also feature programs which would explore women’s needs. The content of the programs would cover a wide range of topics including legitimate software, intellectual, scientific, cultural, political, social, psychological, economic, technical, administrative, educational, medical and other areas related to women’s lives.

“We are fully confident that this TV channel will help our women in polishing their lives and understanding modern terms. Women are part of our society and lives and we can’t ignore them and their needs.”

The channel would also seek to project a positive image of the incredibly conservative Kingdom.

In ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia, women are dependent on their male guardians in most aspects of their lives.

Women need a close male relative to accompany them if they enter government buildings and courts.

Saudi women are also banned from driving and are obliged to cover themselves from head to toe in public.

Source: Middle East Online.
Link: http://middle-east-online.com/english/?id=60383.