Karzan Sabah Hawrami


Sheikh Ahmed Abu Risha, the leader of Sunni tribes in Anbar province and the head of the Awakening Movement, has urged the international community to give military support to Iraqi Sunnis fighting Islamic State militants in the northern Iraqi province of Anbar.

The sheikh, who the US supported to set up the Awakening Movement against extremist groups in Iraq in 2007, has called for support for Sunni militants fighting Islamic State in northern Iraq.

Abu Risha is unhappy that his Sunnis have been neglected by international powers in the fight against IS, saying that while Iran is helping Shiite militia groups and the international community supports Kurdish Peshmerga forces, no one is arming Sunni militants.

He also said that although some Arab countries have shown willingness to help the Sunnis, the support must come via the Iraqi government.

“European countries have sent weapons to Peshmerga forces and Iran helps the Shiite militia groups, yet no one supports Sunnis and Islamic State militants have put Anbar province under a great deal of pressure,” added Abu Risha.

Meanwhile, the head of Anbar Province Council, Sabah Karol has told BasNews that they have asked Arab countries to send them military aid so they can fight the extremist group.

Following recent attacks by IS insurgents in northern Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, a number of western countries including the US, UK, France and Germany sent military support to Kurds and the Iranian army has supported Shiite militia groups in re-taking some towns in northern Iraq.

Source: Bas News.

Link: http://basnews.com/en/news/2014/12/07/abu-risha-calls-for-military-support-for-anti-is-sunni-militants/.