Friday, 04 December 2015

Turkey will eventually find new markets and create new opportunities in the energy sector, the President of the Russia-Turkey Business Council Tuncay Ozilhan said yesterday.

Ozilhan said that the effects of the Russian sanctions will be temporary for Turkey.

“As our prime minister pointed out, there will be new markets for Turkish goods and new energy opportunities will arise. There may be short term difficulties, but after Turkish risk is managed through diversification, perhaps a good economic structure will emerge,” he told Turkey’s Anadolu Agency.

Ozilhan explained that Turkish businessmen have very important investments in Russia and contribute to the Russian economy by generating employment, tax revenues and brands.

“The problem must be solved on the table with diplomatic negotiations. And investors should not be disturbed. I hope and wish that tensions will ease and problems will be negotiated and solved on the table. I wish all parties show self-sacrifice for the sake of both countries’ investors and people,” Ozilhan said.

“Turkish investors came to Russia in a time when other companies left the country,” Ozilhan said and wished “reason would prevail.”

While Russia insists that it’s aircraft was not in Turkish airspace, Turkey has refused to apologise for downing the aircraft, an action that it’s allies in NATO believe to be justified.

Source: Middle East Monitor.