Astana, Kazakhstan (UPI)

Jan 26, 2016

Jordan will purchase Arlan armored vehicles as part of its recently signed military cooperation agreement with Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering, a joint venture that began business in 2015, has stated the Kingdom of Jordan plans to buy 50 Arlan vehicles, though it has not been disclosed exactly how many were purchased.

In addition to the vehicles, Jordan will also procure 12.7mm guns, night vision sights, and additional equipment. It is not yet known when the equipment is scheduled for delivery.

The Arlan is an armored vehicle designed to transport 10 military personnel with a high level of protection. The vehicle can also be used for armored vehicle fire support operations, or as an anti-missile launcher.

The military cooperation agreement between Kazakhstan and Jordan includes other collaborations. Kazakhstan and Jordan will both participate in the International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment, also known as KADEX-2016, where Jordan will serve as the host country.

KADEX-2016 will host defense contractors from around the world, and feature weapons and military equipment. The exhibition will take place in Astana.

“It should be noted, despite the long distances between the two countries, [they have] great potential of development in the economic, military and political cooperation,” the Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense wrote in a statement.

Source: Space War.