Thursday, 10 March 2016

Of the 1,400,000 Syrian children living in Turkey, 310,000 are enrolled in Turkish schools, UNICEF announced yesterday.

In a statement issued, the organization said: “UNICEF strives to provide high-quality educational opportunities for Syrian children who fled from the horrors of war in their country.”

“The number of schools that the UNICEF have contributed to in collaboration with the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Department and the Turkish Ministry of Education rose to 41 schools in 12 Turkish states,” stressing that it is determined to continue its support for the establishment and restoration of other schools, caring for teachers, and providing for the needs of children.

The statement stressed on the focus on children’s psychological and social well-being, pointing out that 50,000 children have benefited from psychological and social programs.

It added that it also supports Syrian volunteer teachers in Turkey.

Source: Middle East Monitor.