August 13, 2016

Turkey’s government has decided to deploy surface-to-air missiles at 11 civilian airports across the country, CNN Turk reported on Friday. The move comes after the failed coup last month and will be carried out by the ministry of transport, maritime affairs and communication in collaboration with the armed forces.

Radar and observation equipment for the army and air force is also going to be installed inside airport control towers. Such units will notify the armed forces of any hostile or unidentified aircraft and prompt an immediate military response.

On 29 June, Turkey’s largest airport, Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, was attacked by three suicide bombers who were, the government believes, affiliated to Daesh. Thirty-six civilians were killed in the arrivals terminal at the airport during the attack.

Ataturk International, along with Turkey’s other major airports, also witnessed dramatic incidents during the failed coup attempt on 15 July, when rebel tanks tried to take control of key installations.

Source: Middle East Monitor.