October 1, 2016

Daesh launched a largescale assault against an Iraqi military position in the western Anbar Province last night, managing to inflict heavy losses on Iraqi forces and to retake territory it had lost last summer, Al Jazeera reported today.

Iraqi military sources confirmed that Daesh’s attack occurred near the provincial capital of Ramadi that was retaken by forces loyal to Baghdad in February this year.

According to sources, Daesh attacked government positions in the Albu Dhiyab region and recaptured the village of Albu Judai marking the second time that the village has changed hands in less than a year.

Daesh reportedly made use of five suicide bomb attacks against troops before attacking with other units, which led the Iraqi military to respond with close-air support from helicopters in an attempt to force Daesh to withdraw.

The Iraqi army claimed to have killed 11 Daesh militants in reprisal attacks, yet suffered severe losses of 27 soldiers and allied militiamen killed in the same area just two days ago.

Daesh’s renewed activity in areas of Iraq that were thought to be cleared of the extremist organisation suggests that they are already transitioning back into a guerrilla campaign as they progressively lose ground to the Iraqi government backed by the US-led coalition.

Source: Middle East Monitor.

Link: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20161001-daesh-retakes-territory-in-iraqs-anbar/.