14.10.2016 Friday

The Syrian Turkmen Assembly on Thursday gathered in the southern Gaziantep province to discuss the reflections of Operation Euphrates Shield on Syrian Turkmens.

Speaking at the event, Emin Bozoglan, head of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly, said that protecting Turkmens means the security of Turkey. Commenting on the perks of Operation Euphrates Shield for Syrian Turkmens, Bozoglan said: “Operation Euphrates Shield is legitimate and appropriate. Thanks to this operation, the Azaz-Jarablus line has been secured. Turkmens have been saved from the hands of Daish.”Turkmen commanders fighting among the Free Syrian Army (FSA) ranks also attended the event. Yusuf Salih, a Turkmen commander in the FSA, said that Aug. 24 was a historic day for Syria and Syrian Turkmens. “Our target is to secure Turkey’s borders and sweep out Daish terrorists,” Salih said, adding that the operation will continue until the end.

Turkmen locals also had their say during the event. Cumali Agar, a 43-year-old Turkmen, said that he has been praying every day since the beginning of Operation Euphrates Shield for it to be successful. “It saved us and our relatives from Daish. It has to expand and liberate the whole of Syria,” he asserted.

Source: Daily Sabah.

Link: http://www.dailysabah.com/war-on-terror/2016/10/15/syrian-turkmens-call-on-turkey-to-expand-operation-euphrates-shield.