March 9, 2017

Israeli politicians and security officials are concerned by growing instability Jordan; Israel’s Haaretz newspaper said.

The paper reported yesterday: “This pessimistic outlook came in the wake of a report presented by Israel’s Ambassador in Amman Einat Schlein during a meeting with the Israeli Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot several months ago.”

Eizenkot held a closed door meeting with foreign diplomats in Tel Aviv in which he was disturbed by the ambassador’s assessment, the paper explained, adding that Israel should be ready to support King Abdullah II should things get out.

Eizenkot is reported to have explained that Tel Aviv’s keenness to support Jordan’s stability stems from the security relationship and intelligence cooperation between the two countries.

The newspaper quoted a senior Israeli official as saying: “Israeli officials have been urging both the Obama and Trump administrations to support Jordan economically and militarily, which has absorbed more than a million Syrian refugees since the beginning of the Syrian civil war.”

In 1994, Jordan and Israel signed the Wadi Araba peace treaty to become the second Arab country after Egypt to normalize relations with Tel Aviv.

Source: Middle East Monitor.